Why Turning Point?

This is a place where the Word of God is preached and the truth is spoken in love, not that we are perfect, but that there is such freedom and rest in knowing that we are all growing together for God’s purpose.  I believe this is what it takes: Spirit led obedience and truth being preached and exhibited, and accountability rooted in love and acceptance because we know that God is the One that truly sees the heart, and we all give account to Him.
Jami D.

You can have a real relationship with God!  You can learn from someone just like you who shares real experiences and is not religious. Instead of getting lost in the numbers, you can be an active participant in the Body of Christ.
Glen M.

I like going to church because it's a great responsibility and responsibility is good for you! It's what we do because we need each other...to pray for each other. What the world needs is good, good love, more love.
Riam (age 5 1/2)

I enjoy attending Turning Point because we desire to not only acquire, but to also walk in the true, unadulterated, undiluted message of the Gospel. In doing so, a corporate environment is created through the overall ministry, for an encounter between the Believer and the manifestation of the Holy Spirit. Thus, the heart of God is exemplified through those who not only seek, but truly find HIm ultimately resulting in transformed lives growing together for God's pupose. If you genuinely desire the purpose of God in your life, then this might be the place for you!
LInda K.

A church with an in-depth relationship with God through Jesus Christ our Savior and shared throughout the congregation!!!  Where EVERY Person is vital and important to the Body of Christ and very much loved!!!
Tammi L.

Children's church! Snacks, music and the books Ms. Jami reads us!
Bella ( age 8)

No more going through the motions of trying to be a good Christian!  Here you are FREE to be REAL and find out you are still loved…by God and the Turning Point Body of Believers!  It is here you will discover the simplistic, yet profound, truths of God’s Word, and the truth will set you FREE!  You will experience the presence of God as the Holy Spirit FREELY operates through prophetic preaching, worship and prayer.  True FREEDOM will be yours when you learn you can quit trying to change yourself and instead let the Great Physician make the nips and tucks to transform the inner you.   
Connie M.

I come to worship, but also to feel His presence.   I know it is where I can get my strength to do the things I need to do. Besides that, I want and like small churches as I don’t like crowds. 
Mary S.

I have tried a lot of churches and have always gone to church. I finished catechism at a Lutheran church when I lived north of Chappell. Later, I finished catechism, and again, all essentials to join an Episcopal church, but ended up returning to the Methodist Church. I tried most of the churches in Sterling! Finally I just gave it up until I discovered Turning Point, and Linda and Phil were so receptive and supporting, I knew this was the church for me. I can't thank everyone enough! Love and blessing to you all.
Glenda C

Turning Point is a small church with a family atmosphere where you know each person by name. The pastor and his wife love Jesus and God's Word. The congregation sincerely desires to pray, encourage, and help each other.
Skip J.

When I think about my church I find myself appreciative of the praise and worship. This time is refreshing and uplifting and one where you get to experience God’s presence and a unity with one another. My family and I are greatly blessed by the unity and acceptance from the body and leadership, and we especially find it refreshing to see focus put on God and His plan and Word and not a focus, or competitive push for position. Every week the teaching and preaching reveals the truth of God’s Word and it is encouraging and it helps us to go through our week uplifted and rejuvenated.
Brittany K.

I like going to church because it's awesome!
Tristan (age 11)

The worship is fabulous and the Word of God is spoken there. I see the children really growing in their Sunday School class
Charlene W..

This church has unity and transparency which brings freedom for the Holy Spirit to move!  I also love that there is not such focus on position of individuals into roles or titles of leadership, but rather God’s growth and plan for the body as a whole.  I believe this brings protection and blessing to each individual and the body as the focus is placed upon God and His will and how He will build.  We are so blessed to be taught and shown that we must be stewards and servants of the Father and His House, and as this truth is applied and practiced in our lives there is not the issue that come with position and the concern and motives that this can include.  I also appreciate that activities take place based on a prayerful reflection of God’s purpose and leading in the matter rather than an act of going through the motions of average church life and agendas or activities for little or no other reason that being busy with our ideas of what church life and walking with God should involve…”Unless the Lord builds the House we labor in vain.”
Robert D.

Why do I belong to Turning Point? Not because of myself, it is because God has placed me here! Not because I heard a voice say, "Go to Turning Point" - it is the voice from within, the Spirit of God, who spoke. Also the Truth of the Word (Jesus) is spoken here.
Ron H.

I chose Turning Point because of the sign out front, "Jesus is the Answer." I stay because of the people. The church family truly cares about one another. Pator Phil and Linda have a huge heart for each person's growth, desiring to see each believer on solid footing with Jesus. They are "real" and transparent with their lives, continally humbling themselves before God.  Every person is important to the Body. No matter where you are from or where you've been, you are welcome!
Michele J.

I like going to church because of Pastor Linda...and church is our family!
Daijah (age 15)

Turning Point feels like a big family and I have felt God’s presence strongly.  I have also seen Jesus appear to me while we had service on a Sunday.  I thank God for leading me and my family to Turning Point.
Jeff G.

I really enjoy praise and worship and I appreciate that this is a full Gospel fellowship.  The Word of God is preached with power and anointing from one end of the Bible to the other – the whole Word, not just half – and spiritual growth is the result!   
Richard S.

You can feel the presence of God and I appreciate the closeness of
our spiritual family.
Penny B.

To play with the dinaosaurs!
Rhyker (age 2)

Lonely, scared, confused, empty inside, and at the end of your road?  If you’re seeking a THING to fill the void in your life, then stop and listen to that still small voice. Turning Point is the place where that still small voice can become real, and you may experience something you've never felt before –a  life fulfilled and changed!  Feeling loved, encouraged, empowered, and seeing the light at the end of the straight and narrow road?  It's that still small voice you stopped and listened too – the voice of Jesus Christ.
Josh K.

I have been a part of Turning Point and Pastor Phil and Linda’s family for 2 years.  Since I was blessed to be part of mom’s passing, I have always had questions.  I am searching for answers from God for myself and my family.  I am learning daily what God wants for my life.  When I don’t share Sunday mornings with my church family I feel very alone in my heart.  I learn from each member that I am OK.  I don’t feel so alone in my searching for Jesus and Holy Spirit in my life.
Janice G.

It makes for a very fulfilling day!
Scott B.

To see my friends.
Gabe (age 2)

One thing that you notice about Turning Point is the love they have for one another. It is a sincere love. The worship is excellent and spirit led. My job allows me to visit other churches, as I take clients to their home churches. They all have been full of the Word, but Turning Point consistently has the spirit of true worship as well. I am uplifted and empowered and blessed after attending church at Turning Point. It is MY home church!
Teri C.

I choose Turning Point because I love the feeling of family. When life runs me down, I come here and am uplifted, not only by the wonderful people that surround me, but by God who fills my cup more than I could ask for. I come because I belong here. My spirit is whole and comforted here, and I'm encouraged to be someone great....someone in God!
Cassie F.